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Who We Are


Dynamic Fitness and Martial Arts is a family owned gym. Chris and Kylie Malloy have been running the business since 2000 with 6 children Brittany, Stacey, James, Caitlyn, Amy, and Jayde.


-Sensei Chris (Head Instructor & Trainer)

-Kylie (Admin & Trainer)



-Sensei Brittany (Instructor & Trainer)

-Stacey (Senior Blackbelt & Instructor)

-James (Green Belt)

-Caitlyn (Blackbelt)

-Amy (Yellow Belt)

-Jayde (White Belt)




Dynamic Fitness and Martial Arts has been running since 2000 and now has over 400 members.


Our style of Martial Arts is Goju based. It is not only a form of martial arts that will teach you the skills of punching, kicking, forms and weapons, you will also learn important life skills.

Fitness Classes encompass Fitness Kickboxing, Strength Training and other high intensity Cardio based classes, as well as weekly challenges open to all members of the community.


Both Fitness and Martial Arts Programs strive for ultimate mental and physical development, achieved through physical work.